Industry Testimonials

Tom Schnabel, Host of "Café LA" – KCRW / Santa Monica, CA
Mitchell is a music industry veteran who—despite having been a professional in this crazy arena for more than 25 years—has never lost his enthusiasm or passion for great music. I should know—we've worked together since his days running a jazz label in Germany in the late-80's. We need more people like him in this beleaguered business!

Jae Sinnett, Jazz Director / Program Host – WHRV / Norfolk, VA
As a jazz radio programmer talking with record reps that don't have a clue about the music they’re working is in my view disrespectful to the music. I'm also a serious jazz artist so I know the music from various perspectives. When I'm being sold some BS I know it. With Mitchell I know I'm getting quality product that is highly musical in content so consequently every CD I receive from him gets serious attention. Then there’s that really down to earth nice guy thing.

Eric Jackson, Host of "Eric In The Evening" / WGBH – Boston, MA
Mitchell uses email and the phone to get the job done. Warm and pleasant when tracking music on the phone, he gets his point across in conversation while never sounding like he's reading a check list. These conversations are often revealing of Mitchell’s musical background and his musical taste. That's helpful. I know when he says that he has a great CD for me to check out that he knows what I play and I know what he likes. So...when Mitchell speaks, Eric listens!

J. Michael Harrison, Host of "The Bridge" / WRTI – Philadelphia, PA
Mitchell has truly emerged as a resource for me. He's one of those guys that seem to have it in his DNA. I appreciate his professionalism, attention to detail and his thorough and prompt responses. His passion for the music is refreshing.

Bob Rogers, Program Host & Radio Consultant – WSHA-FM / Raleigh, NC
It’s always a genuine pleasure to speak with Mitchell about music because I never get the vibe that he’s the promoter and I’m the DJ. It’s just two people sharing their love and knowledge of the music. Mitchell doesn’t try to convince me to play anything just because it’s his job to do so. As we have come to know each other, he has developed an excellent sense of what I’m about and I've developed a respect for his carefully considered recommendations. That works for both of us and, of course, it works for the artist.

Linda Yohn, Music Director – WEMU / Ypsilanti, MI
I may be considered a workaholic...and then there is Mitchell Feldman. His e-mail blasts all days and hours of the week assure that he communicates with all constituents regarding music and airplay. He works weekends, at 9pm on a Thursday or 6am on a Monday. He does what it takes and he gets the job done. Why do I know he's working at 9pm on a Thursday? Because he answered my e-mail at 9pm. He replies to every message and makes time on the phone for all. He is committed to great American music—jazz and to the great American communication medium—radio. He won't let his clients down because he never lets his radio friends down.

Chris Merrick, Program Director – KBOO / Portland, OR
I've worked with Mitchell for several years, both as program director and as music director. KBOO is an eclectic AAA station that plays many genres of music and gets literally thousands of CD’s per year to review and consider for airplay. It’s hectic and promoters have to really know their business and keep up with their clients to match music to KBOO and keep track of everything. Mitchell does an outstanding job with communication. He takes his artists seriously, and keeps in touch with us constantly about what we have received, played, and if possible, interviewed. A professional in every sense of the word. He has even attempted humor on the phone with me, greatly appreciated. I’m glad to know and work with Mitchell every week.

Maurice Hogue, Host of “One Man's Jazz” – CKUW / Winnipeg, Canada
Being in the jazz hinterlands of the Great White North can make it difficult to get quality music to play on my radio show here in Winnipeg, so having top new releases sent here by someone totally on top of today's jazz scene is a real plus. When it's someone with great ears and a professional approach to business like Mitchell I know I'm getting product definitely worth considering for airtime.

Russ Haines, Jazz/World Music Director – WWSP / Stevens Point, WI
Mitchell is one of the key people in the industry that makes my job easier. He knows the programming at WWSP and the artists he promotes meet our criteria both in quality and stylistic range. As a DJ himself, he truly understands the advantages and limits of radio programming. I appreciate Mitchell's personable style and approach in promoting his artists and completely enjoy working with him.

Ken Irwin, Jazz Music Director & Host of "Java Jazz" – WMUA / Amherst, MA
We’ve been privileged to work with Mitchell for several years. He has the knowledge and expertise to find the truly special artists to promote, and he also knows which of these artists will be a good fit for our station, format and listeners.

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