A leading music promotion firm in the US and one of the few to offer both radio promotion & publicity services MFA conducts:

1) Radio promotion campaigns including:
• National jazz radio promotion together with publicity campaign for new CDs (US only)
• Radio-only campaigns (US only / US & Canada)
• College radio only campaigns (US only / US & Canada)
• NPR/public/community radio only campaigns (US only / US & Canada)

2) National, regional or local publicity campaigns for artists, CDs, tours, festivals, etc.:
• National publicity campaigns geared to a CD release or to raise or maintain an artist’s profile
• Tour press (minimum of 4 concerts in different markets)
• Publicity for a one-time-only concert, club engagement, CD-release party, showcase, etc. in NYC
• DownBeat Critics publicity campaigns to improve an artist’s chance of placing in this annual poll

3) Editorial services – writing new or editing existing content for promotional needs, i.e.:
• Website content & liner notes
• Artist biographies & program notes
• Press kits, brochures, fliers
• Print advertisements

4) Strategic consulting services to assist artists in the timing, design, manufacturing and release of a CD, the planning of a tour, concert, festival or other form of “live” music event are included in all our promotions at no additional cost.

The Resources We Make Available To Our Clients

Radio – A database of roughly 300 radio stations (both non-commercial and college) that program jazz in the US and Canada. We’ve been maintaining these contacts on a weekly basis since 2004. We also have a targeted database of Latin music/World music programmers in the US and Canada.

Press – A database of print and web-based jazz publications and journalists (i.e. editors and writers) in the US some of whom we've been working with (or have written for) since 1976.

Editorial – At the service of MFA’s clients’ are the skills and experience of a former writer of liner notes, press releases, artists bios and other texts for Jazz At Lincoln Center, Blue Note Records, Sony Legacy, RCA Victor, Fantasy, Synergy Music, DL Media and Shore Fire Media in the U.S.; for the German labels ECM Records, ENJA Records, ACT Music & Vision and Winter & Winter; and for Dreyfus Records in France, Justin Time Records in Canada and Splasc(h) Records in Italy. Press bios: Keith Jarrett, Wynton Marsalis, Dave Holland, Henry Threadgill, Jackie Terrasson, Marcus Roberts and Stephan Micus, among others. Website content:,,, and

A music journalist since 1976, Mitchell Feldman wrote the Blue Note Records 60th anniversary advertorial in the January 1999 issue of Esquire; has contributed articles to Down Beat, JazzTimes, Schwann Inside, Ear, Musica Jazz (Italy), Jazz Nytt (Norway), Fachblatt Musik Magazin (Germany); was formerly music editor of Atlanta Magazine and The Athens (GA) Observer, a weekly columnist for The Atlanta Constitution, Creative Loafing Atlanta and The Woodstock (NY) Times and a contributor to the International Herald Tribune supplement Italy Daily and The Denver Post.

What We Do (and Don't) Provide

Each musician has his or her own original “sound” and each musical project – whether a CD or a concert – is unique. So while MFA offers a variety of promotional services we can provide individually or in various combinations, the service or service package we’re contracted for is defined after careful analysis of the music in question and in-depth discussions with potential clients over their goals and objectives.

Please review the various services listed below and if you feel MFA can help get your music out there and attract the attention of people in the media who can help raise your profile give us a call for an exploratory conversation.

You may of course mail us an unsolicited CD -- either in finished or CD-R form -- and we’ll call you after listening to it to let you know if we think we can promote you or not. However, before you do so here are a few caveats that will save us both time and energy:

1) Please don’t contact us today about promoting to radio or the press a CD you’re releasing next month or to publicize an event taking place next week! This might be obvious but significant lead-time is required to do radio promotion for a CD and doing publicity for a recording or a live event requires even more. With national jazz magazines planning issues 3 months ahead, sending them a promo CD even 90 days before its street date doesn’t guarantee a review will come out around the time the recording does! The latest one would want to contact print media in a market where one is intending to perform is 30 days before the event, with 45 days being safer and, if you want to be included in any kind of monthly publication 60 to 90 days out is best. While a radio promotion can be planned and executed with 30 days notice that would only be possible if the CD has been manufactured and 300 copies are immediately available to be used as promos. 60 days lead time for a radio promotion is preferable.

2) Please don’t submit partial tracks or direct us to a website to hear full or partial MP3 files. We need a complete and sequenced CD (finished artwork is not necessary at this point) along with a full list of personnel on the CD, song titles, track lengths and composers and any existing promotional material (i.e. liner notes, bio, press kit, etc.). We need to experience your music the way the people we are sending it to will -- not in bytes and pieces.

3) We don’t work “smooth jazz” so please don’t send any.
Nothing against more commercial forms of jazz but we’re more qualified – and our database of contacts is totally oriented to – artistic rather than popular forms of music. On the other hand, jazz-rock fusion projects are fine. Mitchell Feldman has been a jazz DJ for over 30 years and a major factor in his decision to promote a jazz CD to radio is whether it has a minimum of 3 to 4 tracks he’d play on his own show.

4) WE DON’T PROVIDE management, booking or retail promotion services nor can we help you set your CD up for digital downloading, either “brick & mortar” or online sales retail sales, or with music publishing issues.

5) WE DO PROVIDE for radio promotions regular reports that include any and all information gathered when soliciting contacts (e.g. e-mails and play lists) as well as weekly CMJ and JazzWeek (US), !earshot and Chart Attack (Canada) and Roots Music Report (global) charts and airplay tracking reports by Mediaguide’s Music Monitor service. Copies of any coverage by print and internet media are provided for publicity campaigns.

We have no set fees for radio promotion, publicity and/or editorial services. As stated above, every promotion campaign we conduct is different and determined by the musical content of the project and the goals and objectives of each client. For example as far as radio campaigns are concerned, some music is too edgy to be sent to mainstream jazz radio stations and some is too straight-ahead to be sent to more progressive college jazz programmers. With the print media we can send to a core group of national editors of -- and contributors to -- major jazz publications include or not include major daily and weekly newspaper jazz writers or expand further. We have a range of minimum time commitments (e.g. 6-months for a retainer; 2-3 months for national and/or tour press; 2 months for radio promotions; 45-days for a 1-time event, etc.).

There is a fixed cost for all radio publicity campaigns: a base of charge $2.50/radio or press contact that covers: the design of a promotional 1-sheet including clients CD image, information specifically about the CD and MFA contact information; the editing and/or writing of a bio and/or press text if applicable; padded mailers, mailing labels and 1st class postage. An additional $0.25-$0.50 per contact will be charged to cover higher postage costs for CDs mailed to Canada and ones that are in plastic jewel cases as opposed to soft digi-paks. Fees for mailing releases consisting of 2 or more CDs will cost at least $3 per contact or more depending upon the weight of the package.

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